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Outcast Chapter 7
                                      Knuckles looked at Fleetway hatefully as he stood in front of sonic gaurding him from Fleetways evil clutches.Knuckles started to circle Fleetway as he started to rotate towards knuckles.Seeing an opening Sonic tried to crawl away but cried out in pain as he found his leg was hurting badly almost as if it were on fire.Tears escaped sonic's eyes from the pain of his leg that he realized must be broken.Knuckles punched Fleetway in the jaw and jumped away from his eye lazers.Kicking Fleetway in the stomach Knuckles went to run again but Fleetway grabbed his foot and threw him into the dirt.Knuckles got back up in abit of a haze as he stumbled somewhat and his vision was blurry.Shaking his head Knuckles focused on Fleetways form and went in to punch him in the face.Fleetway seeing this grabbed Knuckles punch and kicked his leg out from under him. Thinking he had gotten the hand in the situtation Fleetway turned and started to walk towards Sonic's limp form.Knuckles seeing his chance used all the strength he could to hit Fleetway in the back of the head.Sonic who was trying to back away from Fleetway as he was coming towards him saw Fleetway's eyes roll up in thier sockets as he fell.Sonic screamed tears streaming down his face as Fleetway landed on Sonic's bad leg.Knuckles seeing the damage immediatly flipped Fleetway off of Sonic's leg and put Sonic on his back as he ran away from the sight of Fleetway.
Fur glistened  in the faint sunlight of the forest also shinning on a white row of sharp teeth pulling up into a smirk before the fur was swallowed into the green of the forest.
Shadow looked over at amy for a moment then slid out of the hospital bed looking at her.Amy looked up to see Shadow watching her and grinned.shadow frowned at her"Why do you guys hate sonic so much now?IDont get it.He used to save you Amy. He let me and you into his group of friends Rouge."Amy and Rouge looked down for a time."Beacuse he grew distant from us and let the towns people drive him away." Amy whispered quietly and looked out the hospital window.
~to be continued.thanks to Sonicluvs for giving me some ideas for this chapter.Sorry its late but i made an effort to make it longer.~
sorry for the long wait.
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July 30, 2012
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